Zebee (formerly known as Koala) was born on November 2017. Just like the magical thing that happens to Pokemon, we have now evolved to Zebee. Stronger, faster, funnier and bee-sier!


We are a super small start-up who has just got the hang of things but we are here to make a life-long promise that as long as we are alive we'll continue to help those around us. 



Andrea (too cool for Insta)

Moving to London when you don't know anyone can be pretty daunting! I had been to loads of Meetup groups to find fun outgoing and similar minded people though I found it difficult to "click" with some of these groups, something was missing! Luckily, for me, I came across Zebee and I found my hive! I've been to a few different events including food tours, karaoke and secret parties. All Zebee events are fun with sociable friendly people looking to have an enjoyable time. If you're new to London and looking to hang out with some fun and friendly folk I recommend you come along to a Zebee event!

Josie (@josiemcardle_94)

I never thought I could take myself out of my comfort zone and meet a bunch of strangers in a place I've never been or even heard of before. But I'm glad I forced myself out and into the unknown because, not only have I found a new love for travelling, I've also found friends within Zebee, friends I'll keep for life. Travelling with Zebee has built my confidence up and made me want to see more of the world. I've let go of the majority of my fears and allowed myself to just live freely and trust what happens without overthinking or doubting myself all the time. Zebee has made that happen for me. Zebee has made me realise what I want in life and put my trust back into strangers and the world we live in.

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