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From your hive leader Alex - June 2020

Hi Everyone! ☺️

Welcome to your Sports & Yoga Hive and our very own, very first newsletter! How exciting. As you should (hopefully!) know by now, I am your Hive leader.

This first newsletter will take on a slightly different format, but I think it is important to introduce the community to each other- I’m sure you will agree!

Thank you to all the new members who agreed to share their profiles and, don’t
worry, if you’ve missed your chance this time around, there will be another new
members newsletter coming soon.

So here goes, dream team *drum roll* the first of our community!
Behind curtain number 1, we have....

Stay safe and catch up soon,



It has been an intense few months! First, COVID-19 forces us into lockdown, making us reimagine and change our everyday lives drastically (who knew we would miss the gym so much?); then, we are further challenged to reimagine and change ourselves during the war on racism, via the rejuvenated #BlackLivesMatter movement. As we come to the end of June, which is also Pride Month, another community tirelessly fighting for equality, let’s celebrate and acknowledge certain iconic moments.


Do you remember or know the full story of the NFL star Colin Kaepernick kneeling in silent protest during the anthem in 2016? Check this article out for a summary of the moment and its’ wider context.


Have you heard of the Gay Games? First taking place in San Francisco in 1982, conceived by Dr Tom Waddell, although predominantly set up to provide a celebratory platform for gay athletes, their mission is to be inclusive to all. Amongst many other achievements, they have been pioneers in promotion of transgender athletes, women’s sports and safe inclusion of participants with HIV/AIDS. You can read more about this amazing event in this article or on their own website. Next games are scheduled for November 2022 in Hong Kong.




With no gym, rugby or Brazilian Jiujitsu training, like a lot of you guys, I had to find other ways to keep myself entertained! I am fresh off the PTSD Awareness press up challenge. I would urge you all to join in! All you have to do is complete 25 press ups a day for 25 days and each day nominate someone new. It is very versatile, easy to maintain and either challenges or reinforces good discipline. If 25 is too easy (you show offs), do variations (diamond press, wide grip, one arm etc). If 25 is challenging enough, then great! I myself did them on my knees- still working up to getting more than 10 off my knees!

I would just ask that if you do undertake this great challenge, please pick a charity to donate to. I have seen many do this challenge without donating, and although raising awareness itself is a step, charities need more financial help than just awareness in these trying times! I donated £5 to the Combat Stress charity, which offers mental health support for veterans. However, as my friend pointed out, PTSD is not exclusive to veterans, so there are plenty of other causes supporting those suffering from PTSD- refugees, domestic violence survivors to name a few. Here are some charity ideas if you would like to get involved: 

Refuge- a charity supporting women and children suffering domestic abuse 

Stonewall- a charity supporting the LGBTQ community

Show Racism the Red Card- an anti-racism educational charity

Mind- mental health support charity

Refugee Action- refugee support charity

The Survivors Trust- rape and sexual abuse survivors charity 


If you have been involved in any challenges recently, let me know!




Meet Ceren

Insta handle

Location London


Ceren is a dentist who now works as a health coach. Ceren is also a yoga and meditation teacher, who loves challenging herself with different yoga poses. Especially in this lockdown, the daily workouts with close girlfriends really helped everyone involved with both keep fit and sane! Ceren also has a strong meditation practice and thus in 2019, built a sustainable meditation cushion brand called @with.ceremonie. Loving to live sustainable and mindful! If you are interested in taking up yoga or would like to get more information about her health coaching, do get in touch with her via Instagram or her website.




If you need some new ideas to spice up your fitness routine, here are my two most recent workouts. All my workouts are on a 3-week rotation. If you have no equipment, then improvise with either full bottles of water or full bags/backpacks.


FULL BODY WORK OUT (3x a week)



(20 of each, 15 of each etc)


1.5 banded squats

Wide grip press-ups

Dumbbell Windmill (each side)

Jack Knives

Dumbbell Single-Arm bicep curls (each side)



CORE (2x a week)


30secs each exercise and complete circuit 3 times


Scrum Plank


Plank Shoulder Taps

Dumbbell Crunchies

Dumbbell Russian Twists

Dumbbell Crunchies (elevated legs)



If you have a workout you would like to share with the group or if you have any specific requests, get in touch.




Looking for some new ways to improve your form? Here are some cool people that can help with some of your goals. Know anyone who the community might appreciate, let me know.

Warren de Reuck- MMA Fitness


One of the main things for me during lockdown was upping my fitness levels for the upcoming rugby season. From experience and memory, I always held any kickboxing or MMA training as unforgiving fitness work outs superior to even my rugby fitness sessions. I tried out Warren’s session one Bank Holiday and I now do them 2-3 times a week. It’s an intense 1 hour but it goes a lot quicker than you think! Suitable for all ages and abilities, from athletes to beginners, adults to children. £5.50 per session every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 12:30pm. Warren also does private sessions or sports groups. You can find out more or contact Warren here 


Warren is a 3 times British Knock-Down Karate champion, undefeated Professional MMA Fighter and personal trainer. His MMA Fitness combines MMA effectiveness and fitness together so that you can train like a pro fighter. The programs are the ultimate way of getting you to where you want to be. Whether you are preparing for competition or just wanting to get into shape. 


Rocky Clarke- rugby conditioning and fitness


If you’re looking for a more rugby specific fitness, conditioning or skills training, why not check out Rocky Clarke (@rochelleclark1). Rocky is the most capped England player of all time (men’s and women’s squads included), a coach-player at Saracens Women and an overall premiership and England legend. Mark (@realstarlord) is currently participating in one of Rocky’s programmes, so if you’re curious, get in touch with him! 

Here is what Mark has to say about the sessions:

Well a session with Rocky Clark is like working out with a mate. She’ll push you to the edge but is always very concerned about your health and current body feeling. She‘ll always motivate you and have ultimate patience if you do bad on certain exercises and will always get you back on track. In my opinion, it’s fitted to the clients‘ goals and requests. As it comes to my sessions they‘re much about stamina and strength but she’ll always gives me a piece of advice who to improve my rugby skills and movements and who a certain exercise can help me with it. All in all I as someone who had a lot of coaches in sports like football, rugby and Jiu-Jitsu- I would say no one ever did so well in making me step forward while really understanding the steps without any force and pressure.

If you do book with Rocky, tell Rocky, Polish and Mark sent you 😉

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