Zebee Trips: Icy Iceland

Day 1

A smooth 2.5 hour flight from London got us to the land of geysers. We checked-in to our lovely accommodation and left for a quick walk around the city. A few blocks down the road we stumbled across Brauð & Co - a bakery selling some of the most incredible cinnamon rolls... Fresh and hot out of the oven. Divine in an understatement!

Icelandic Street Food shop came next. We had a very satisfying crab soup and cod stew specially served by the owner. One of our crew went back there every day throughout the weekend - it's that good!

The remaining part of the group arrived a little later that evening. We decided to have a night in with some pizza and booze.

Day 2

Waking up early on Saturday morning was a real test for some of us! We started off at the Þingvellir national park, about 40 minutes drive from Reykjavik, which sits in a rift valley caused by the separation of two tectonic plates.

Our second stop was the The Geysir Geothermal Field where we were awed and wowed every few minutes by the magical show of geysers erupting. It left us wondering how much we don't know about the miracles of our planet.

Gullfoss Waterfall was the perfect end to our tour. Seriously, it took us a few moments to comprehend how massive and powerful the waterfall is. No photo can do justice.

Day 3

Blue Lagoon! By this time we were pretty used to the smell of sulphur (believe it when they tell you) so two minutes inside the pool and we were fine. Three ours soaking in a giant hot bath with a drink and a face mask left us relaxed and really calm. The journey home was strangely quiet.

Although Sunday is not the best night to go party in Reykjavik, we went out for a quick bar crawl finishing the night off in Pablo Discobar.


Iceland is such a gem and we only scraped the surface! Amazing nature full of surpises and character; people, while modest and reserved, very friendly and helpful. Reykjavik in general is a 'less is more' kind of city. You will not find a single flashy car, outfit or a house. The streets are quiet but when you walk inside a bar - it's packed with people! Full of tourists but doesn't feel touristic at all.

We will definitely be back.