Zebee Travel Diary Series: Malta

Malta might be small but it is full of attitude! As well as its rich history and culture, the island has many secret spots only the locals know about.


Malta is an island country between Italy and North Africa. It has incredible climate due to its geographical location. As it's a small island it is fairly easy to travel across the country. It is roughly a 30 mins ride from Malta International Airport to Valletta, its capital. You can take the X4 bus outside the airport terminal straight to Valletta for about 3 Euros.

Public transport is pretty good in Malta if you want to travel to the main cities, i.e. Valletta, Sliema and St. Julians. However, if you would like to explore Mdina and other hidden spots on the mainland then renting a car is definitely the best way to go. To go to Gozo and Comino, there are tonnes of companies doing regular ferry trips departing from Sliema. Most Maltese people are fluent in English so it is a rather "easy" country to get by if you are an English speaker.


Valletta is the European Capital of Culture. It is not surprising why. The historical city is full of beautiful alleyways and street cafes. You should definitely check out Strait street which use to be the red light district, now populated with restaurants and bars. 


Get lost in the ancient city of Valletta. You can easily spend a day wandering around the city and sip on Aperol Spritz.

You can get the Sliema ferry from Valletta to Sliema, the economic centre of Malta, in 10 minutes. From there, you'll be able to travel to Comino and Gozo, two well-known islands via guess what? Yep! More ferries! The infamous Blue Lagoon is situated at Comino. It is a sight worth seeing for sure. 

Mdina is a must see! It is known as the Silent City and is home to only 300 residents. You've guessed it, it is rather quiet. The old capital of Malta is adorable. If you have a few days to explore Malta, we recommend you to spend a good few hours to get lost in Mdina which is the best way to explore this charming city. 


Nenu the Artisan Baker in Valletta does amazing traditional Maltese cuisine! Eat rabbit stew!