Zebee Travel Diary Series: Keran Lindley


Cape Town is my hometown. It is packed with colour, culture, mountains, ocean and soul. The beauty of Cape Town is that once you have had your city fix it doesn't take long to hop in a car and explore the lesser touched parts of this Location. There you will be surrounded by vineyards, with great wine tasting experiences and open roads that weave their way through the exquisite countryside. 


Paul Simon - Me And Julio Down By The School Yard


I would have to say one of my favourite travel memories would be the trip I took last Summer. My Gran was born in Holland and hadn't been back since she was 7. 

We as a family rented a boat and travelled the canals of Amsterdam, Gouda, Uitrecht and a few other spots, too. Seeing the country by boat was such an amazing way to do it. We really got a sneak peek into how lives are lived there.  People are peaceful and accepting of each other and there is so much beauty in that. We also got to spend a lot of quality time together and were able to see so much more than if we were to rent a hotel or an apartment. However, I don't think we were prepared enough for the obstacles of driving a boat through narrow canals and under very low bridges but we managed as a team to navigate our way through it and were all boating experts by the end of it. My knot tying skills are on point now!  I would recommend a trip like that to be done in the summertime. It gets very dark and cold in winter and that's just not what you want, is it?

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