Zebee Ambassador: Anna

We are please to launch our first ever ambassador-lead running tour which is the best way to take in the charms of London. Meet Anna - a passionate runner and the most beautiful human being.

Where does your passion for running come from?

I used to run with my mum when I was a kid as she ran in many races and marathons and we lived next to a beautiful lake which was perfect for training. 

When I was 21 I started running again - just enough to get me around a charity 5k and then slowly my runs got bigger and bigger! 

Living in London is fast paced and it’s difficult to find time for yourself away from technology and people. Running is perfect for that and a great way to appreciate how many interesting things there are to see around you here. I love exploring London this way. What does it take for you to prepare for a half-marathon? What are you running goals? Training for a half marathon isn’t usually too strenuous - for the month before the race you just need to make sure you’re getting in some longer runs to prepare for the distance. With some interval training and your distance runs in the bags, you can turn up on the day and just enjoy the ride! 

My one ritual is that on race day I make a toasted cinnamon bagel with peanut butter and banana which is some fuel for the race - I must look like a nutter tucking into this on the bus but I think it works!

I’m current training for the Brighton Marathon in April 2020 so will start training properly in January - plenty of time to get my Spotify playlist in order and for the Christmas hangover to wear off! Congrats on becoming a Zebee ambassador! Zebee is a fantastic opportunity for people to see places and have experiences they might otherwise put off because they have no one to do it with or don’t have the knowledge of where to go. It’s great to know you’re in the safe hands of a trusted brand and I think the team are friendly, knowledgeable and a whole lot of fun! Excited to be aboard!

Who can attend the running tour? Why do you think it’s important to have running buddies? The running tour is for anyone who can comfortably run 5k - we’ll be running at a steady pace and stopping to take in some of the sights so don’t be put off by the distance - but we will be running in between to cover as much of this amazing city as possible! 

Whether you’re on holiday or you’re a Londoner who keeps forgetting to do the tourists bits, you’ll love exploring London on foot and realising how close everything really is. You’ll also learn some interesting facts along the way and meet some interesting folk! 

It’s great to have running buddies in London - you’ll actually be surprised how easy it is to chat and open up whilst running, without the pressure of sitting and talking to someone one on one. I’ve made some fab friends from running buddies and it makes your run even more pleasurable!