Where to eat in London?

Here at Zebee, we want to provide you with the real version of our cities. We want you to explore all the city has to offer with real knowledge from locals and the people in the know. We search for the best spots so you don’t have to. This article is simply about the best food London has to offer.

#1 Grind Clerkenwell

Your gram will never look so good with the pink seats and a wonderful brunch throw in. This chain of restaurants is becoming a London institution for cool and good quality.

#2 Sushisamba

This ticks off the top end of the budget option – seriously cool and solid food offerings from Brazil, Peru and Japan. Views are outstanding and this ticks off the special occasion option at the top of one of the cities best skyscrapers. Top tip…… the lift is scary as shit – be prepared!

#3 Bistrotheque

East London hidden gem. White cloth surroundings and tinkling piano with an east London cool feel – hidden away in a warehouse this is easily the best dining option and well worth the trip. Prices are reasonable for undoubtingly one of the best London dining experiences on offer. 

#4 Black Bear Burger 

One of our founder's favourites. It's the ultimate burger pitstop.

#5 Polo Bar

The Deliveroo go to for many in London – directly facing Liverpool street station a beer and breakfast are always on offer. Oh, and it opens 24 hours a day.

#6 Brick Lane Bagel

Go to the top of Brick Lane, pick the white-fronted one and tick it off your London bucket list. It is worth the wait – go all in with the salt beef and embrace the rude staff (no pictures they are famous haha).

#7 Oxo Tower

Great food! The view is worth every single penny. 


All three locations (Shoreditch, Croydon and Wembley)  have dozens of options to die for (Vegan-friendly and good pricing).

We really hope you find these tips useful – we have no agenda but to provide you with the experience and practical guidance to help you boss every new city you enter.