Causes We Love: Relove Technology

How to fix knife crime with mobile phones? 😲

Relove Technology is a social enterprise dedicated to enhancing people lives’ by providing access to the latest technology at affordable prices whilst protecting earth’s valuable resources through the reuse of preowned product. They are committed to donating at least 50% of thier net profits to social causes focused on giving young people a sustainable alternative to violence and crime. 

Relove partners up with Cracked It, an award-winning phone repair service staffed by young offenders. Their mission is to use smartphone repair to create opportunities for at-risk youth to break down their attitudinal barriers to employment - to realise that income, belonging and self-worth is gained through legitimate work.

We say hurray to that! Check out their website  and let's support this great cause! Please get in touch with us or Relove Technology if you have a phone which needs some tender loving care.