Causes We Love: D.E.P.H.E.R

Disabled & Elderly Plumbing & Heating Emergency Repairs

D.E.P.H.E.R - is a not-for-profit organisation run by James Anderson, a kind plumber from Burnley, who closed his business risking to go bankrupt in order to help people in need.

First starting this free service in Lancashire, James is now expanding his work in Leeds, Manchester, Liverpool,  and Scotland. He is on a mission to make D.E.P.H.E.R available in the whole of the UK for every elderly and disabled person. Funds for the organisation are being raised using crowdfunding and donations.

'If everybody donated £1 a month by direct debit or standing order we would grow and then be in every town and city. Hopefully, we can bring all communities together for one common cause across the planet, so everybody who's elderly and disabled can benefit, not just in the UK.'

Check out their crowdfunding page here