Poetry Welcome Newsletter

From your hive leader Alice - June 2020

Hi Guys!! ☺️

Welcome to the poetry micro-hive at Zebee! My name is Alice, I’m from Watford and have been writing and performing spoken word and poetry for around 2 and a half years.

I have won multiple slam events and performed across Kent and London, so I feel I have gone through some challenges and learning curves that will be useful in aiding you in developing, understanding, writing and performing spoken word.

My aim is ultimately to inspire and amplify the voices you already have. I want to be able to encourage you to create written poetry and then translate that into a fully functioning, performance piece. Equally, if you’re not looking to end up performing that is completely fine and this micro-hive is still perfect for you.

I am planning to hold monthly zoom calls, as well as IGTV’s and general 1:1 messaging to touch base with you all and create a tight-knit supportive community. My aims for our monthly zoom calls is to share relevant information or topics that could be of interest such as; a particular reading, performance, current affairs, news articles or anything that aligns with the group of that month. I aim to also include and reference open-mic, slam events and performance companies in and around London that would be great to perform. We could use these as meet ups, if the post-covid-19 world allows it!

This group holds no pressures and it should be a powerful creative space for you to confidently bring your voice and your mind to the table. I am happy to do this 1:1 if you feel more comfortable. I am still in the early development stage and I am open to suggestions in what we cover and talk about.

My Instagram and emails are open and I am happy to talk whenever. But I will be in touch with you shortly :)

Stay groovy!
Alice Grace (@alicegrace_poet)