Photography Hive

​​Hello everyone, and welcome to the Photography Hive! 

Hopefully all new members will have received an invitation to join the general chat on Slack. I would encourage you to accept the invitation and join as soon as possible, as this is where the majority of the Hive’s activity will be coordinated. 

In addition, we plan on introducing new monthly catch-up sessions (either over Zoom or in-person), so you have a chance to put faces to the names of those you might encounter in the chat. 

As we get to know each other a little more, I am hoping to turn this Hive’s news roundup into a more coordinated celebration of members’ work – featuring highlights from people’s portfolios, photographers who inspire us and lots more. 

I very much look forward to meeting/speaking with you soon; either in our group chat or at one of our upcoming monthly meets. 

In the meantime, if you have any questions or comments, do not hesitate to contact me (@mindshutterphotos on Instagram) 

All the best,