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NGOs and Charities Hive Leader

Clara is our leader for the NGO and Charities hive. Originally from the United States she is the Director of Marketing and Communications and a member of the Board of Trustees for REFUGYM, a UK registered charity which delivers exercise, endorphins, and escapism to refugees in Greece. Clara currently resides in Boston, studying Philosophy and Economics at Wellesley College and is passionate about refugee rights, rock climbing, and vegetarian cooking. 

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Darren is our leader for the LGBT+ hive. Darren is a non-binary activist and creative. They currently volunteer at Pride in London and work as an LGBT+ columnist for a magazine called Frontrunner. In the past, they have worked with activists all around the world and helped run many different queer groups from pride events to activist meet-ups. 

Alex is massive rugby nut and has been playing for 7 seasons- 4 of which she has been lucky to play in the Women’s Premiership. Alex started playing rugby in 2013 at Blackheath RFC and in 2016 moved to Richmond RFC to pursue a premiership career. After earning 42 Premiership caps across the front row for Richmond RFC, Alex moved to Saracens in November 2019, where is currently playing in the Development Squad.
Outside of the rugby season, Alex also represents Kent County and outside of rugby, practices Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Although, not a PT, Alex picked up much through practice and also made loads of friends along the way in various sporty sectors, so can she may not know the answers straight away, but she will be able to find out!


Michael is our leader for the Photography Hive. 


Based just outside London, he has been developing skills as a hobbyist portrait and fashion photographer since 2011. After a career-driven hiatus he restarted in earnest in April 2019 under the handle "Mind in the Shutter" (@mindshutterphotos), and has since relished any opportunity to work with other creatives around the country. 

Michael works as a solicitor by day, specialising in intellectual property. He also sometimes finds himself working in theatre as an actor and director; last year he played Laurie in a touring production of Little Women, and Romeo in an outdoor production of Romeo & Juliet.  

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Alice is our leader for the Poetry hive. Born and raised in Watford, England, Alice is extremely passionate about spoken word.  Her themes often surround feminity, mental health, body positivity and current affairs. She also replicates this through graphic design. Alice has performed across London and Kent and has won the Lickidy Spit Slam at the Marlowe Theatre and performed alongside Holly McNish and Birdspeed in Kent!

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Lorena is a Spanish ‘Señorita’ with a broad international experience. London, Madrid, Prague, Antwerp or Grenoble have been some of her dance floors. Wherever she goes, party follows. Or she follows every party? That´s something we will never know!

Currently based in London, she is living the dream. Having blended her own London dry gin, she is a Ginstitute graduate. Spanish wine runs through her veins and she also loves tasting local specialties.


Always quality over quantity, so let´s share some quality time at the Drinks & Parties Hive!


Kamran is our music hive leader. Originally from a small town in Hampshire, he moved to London two years ago to pursue his musical ambitions in the big smoke. He is a devoted singer, songwriter and performing artist who uses his music as a means of storytelling - expressing love, heartbreak, individuality and vulnerability in pop-sized chunks. 


Kamran currently lives in Clapham, South London. His other interests include classic films and literature, Victorian architecture, modern art and fancy coffee.



Owen is our leader for the Food Hive. He was born in Malta and since 2015 he has been living, cooking and eating in Paris. Owen’s passion for food started at a very young age and it was strengthened when he started to travel and discover different tastes from all over the world. Owen loves finding new recipes, trying them and sharing food with anyone who is hungry. For Owen, food does not only feed us when we are hungry, but it serves as a tool to bring us together, share our culture and create memories.

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María José is the leader of the Art Hive. Born and raised in Colombia, she finds inspiration in the ethnic and cultural diversity that surrounds her. She knew her life belonged to the arts and design from a young age. She studied Design and for the last two years, she has been developing her career as an illustrator. 


Her work is mainly inspired by women, movies, pop culture and her life. She shares her personal projects on Instagram (@maria.jose.guzman). You can find her watching indie films, painting or studying artists she likes in her spare time.

Meet Our Hive Members


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Food Hive

Professional background - PhD student and Strength &Conditioning Coach


Favourite food - Sushi


Favourite drink - Amarone, Gimlet, or a nice Vietnamese egg coffee


Location - From the US but living in NW London


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Food Hive

Professional background- Sales rep


Favourite food: that's a tough one, I'd say Italian, french and Thai food; can't pick one dish.


Favourite drink: whisky


Location: South Croydon


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Food Hive

Professional background: Real Estate Developer


Favourite food: Sushi


Favourite beverage: Beer

Location: San Francisco, USA


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Poetry Hive

Professional background - Poet and teacher in training


Favourite poet - Rudy Francisco


Favourite poem - Ah my dear by Baki


Location - Born in Sierra Leone during the civil war and later moved to the UK


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Poetry Hive

Professional background - Poet


Favourite poet - Warsan Shire


Favourite poem - Truth is not the secret of a few by Lawrence Ferlinghetti


Location - Manchester


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Poetry Hive

Professional background - Editor & Content Manager for a music website researching the history behind music


Favourite poets: Khalil Gibran and Audre Lorde

Favourite poem: "beasts bounding through time" by Charles Bukowski!


Location - Currently Devon, soon Manchester!


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Sports & Yoga Hive

Location: Germany


Sport: horseback riding


How did it all start? - When I was 9, I Fell in love with horses and this love is still strong 💕


Team you support: all horse(wo)men who handle their horses with respect


Favourite sport to watch: Yoga instructions on YouTube


Artist that pumps you: Lady gaga


Biggest sporting/fitness achievement: straightening my body with the help of yoga


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Sports & Yoga Hive

Location: London

Sport: Football

How did it all start? - I've played since I was young

Team you support: Arsenal (of course!)

Favourite sport to watch: Football

Artist that pumps you: Travis Greene (Christian artist)

Biggest sporting/fitness achievement: Trophies with my football team when I was young


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Sports & Yoga Hive

Location: Bayreuth, Germany


Sport: Rugby, Jiu-Jitsu, Gym


How did it all start? Nolli Watermans‘ insane try vs. the US


Team you support: Saracens Women, FC St. Pauli, Warrington Wolves


Favourite sport to watch: MMA and Rugby


Artist that pumps you: “Scream Aim Fire” by Bullet for my Valentine


Biggest sporting/fitness achievement: runner-up in a Jiu-Jitsu contest for beginner 

Arj Sharma

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Drinks & Parties. Hive


Favourite drink: Fanta

Favourite party venue: London and any

Hobbies and interests: Spirituality and Nature

Location: London

Elena Brooking

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Drinks & Parties. Hive


Favourite drink: G&T

Favourite party venue: Venue doesn't matter

Hobbies and interests: Music, Fashion and Art

Location: London

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