LGBT+ Welcome Newsletter

From your hive leader Darren - June 2020

Hi Everyone! ☺️

Welcome to Zebee's LGBT+ micro-hive and our first newsletter! My name's Darren and I'm the LGBT+ micro-hive leader!

Here's a little bit about me: I'm a non-binary activist and creative. I currently volunteer at Pride in London and work as an LGBT+ columnist for a magazine called Frontrunner. In the past, I have worked with activist all around the world and helped run many different queer groups from pride events to activist meet-ups.

Social media is the place where I found my home and my voice - Instagram is the main platform that I use to talk about my experiences as a queer person and talk about activism. Having a masters degree in Digital Media really opened my eyes to what the online world can do.

Don't forget to follow Zebee on Twitter and Instagram and me on Twitter and Instagram too!

Stay safe and catch up soon,