Drinks & Parties Hive

Hello ‘boozy’ bees!

I hope you were able to spend a bit of time out of your hives this Summer and are open to new experiences within this hive. While sitting on my queen bee throne, my mind doesn´t stop generating ideas. However, I would like to shape this hive in the form its bees like. Therefore, please contact me with any suggestions or activities you would like to do with us! 

Although you can always contact me via Instagram or email, it would be nice to have all of you on Slack. I would like our Drinks & Parties Hive chat to become a place where ideas and information can be shared with all members. If you already have Slack and are not in this hive´s channel, please let us know what your name is and we will add you shortly.

‘Bee’ careful and talk to you soon!
The Señorita Bee