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Food Hive

Location - From the US but living in NW London

Professional background - PhD student and Strength &Conditioning Coach


Favourite food - Sushi


Favourite drink - Amarone, Gimlet, or a nice Vietnamese egg coffee


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Food Hive

Location: South Croydon

Professional background- Sales rep


Favourite food: that's a tough one, I'd say Italian, french and Thai food; can't pick one dish.


Favourite drink: whisky


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Food Hive

Location: San Francisco, USA


Professional background: Real Estate Developer


Favourite food: Sushi


Favourite beverage: Beer


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Poetry Hive

Location - Born in Sierra Leone during the civil war and later moved to the UK


Professional background - Poet and teacher in training


Favourite poet - Rudy Francisco


Favourite poem - Ah my dear by Baki


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Poetry Hive

Location - Manchester


Professional background - Poet


Favourite poet - Warsan Shire


Favourite poem - Truth is not the secret of a few by Lawrence Ferlinghetti


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Poetry Hive

Location - Currently Devon, soon Manchester!


Professional background - Editor & Content Manager for a music website researching the history behind music


Favourite poets: Khalil Gibran and Audre Lorde

Favourite poem: "beasts bounding through time" by Charles Bukowski!


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Sports & Yoga Hive

Location: Germany


Sport: horseback riding


How did it all start? - When I was 9, I Fell in love with horses and this love is still strong 💕


Team you support: all horse(wo)men who handle their horses with respect


Favourite sport to watch: Yoga instructions on YouTube


Artist that pumps you: Lady gaga


Biggest sporting/fitness achievement: straightening my body with the help of yoga


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Sports & Yoga Hive

Location: London

Sport: Football

How did it all start? - I've played since I was young

Team you support: Arsenal (of course!)

Favourite sport to watch: Football

Artist that pumps you: Travis Greene (Christian artist)

Biggest sporting/fitness achievement: Trophies with my football team when I was young


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Sports & Yoga Hive

Location: Bayreuth, Germany


Sport: Rugby, Jiu-Jitsu, Gym


How did it all start? Nolli Watermans‘ insane try vs. the US


Team you support: Saracens Women, FC St. Pauli, Warrington Wolves


Favourite sport to watch: MMA and Rugby


Artist that pumps you: “Scream Aim Fire” by Bullet for my Valentine


Biggest sporting/fitness achievement: runner-up in a Jiu-Jitsu contest for beginner 

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